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Many of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years simply because our products work with little maintenance required. We believe that you have enough to concentrate on besides worrying about your e-mail system.  Apparently our customers feel the same... 


This is an actual posting from the Info~Tech Research Group bulletin board by one of our customers.



To Support:


I saw someone using the webmail program for Exchange/Outlook...

It was so slow! while our Office-Logic InterChange Webmail takes a few seconds to load. :)


Ferdinand L., New York, NY


To the Office Logic Team,


A big THANK YOU to the folks who have taken a giant step forward in controlling SPAM. We have recently enabled the White list feature of InterChange and our users are amazed at the effectiveness of the program in blocking SPAM.


Our number of rejected messages has now surpassed the number of accepted messages since we enabled the feature.  Congratulations on designing a cost effective, easily configurable, valuable and useful tool.



Larry C, Secaucus NJ


Dear Office-Logic Team - 

I just want to thank you for my clean email inbox this morning - what a treat! (I've been seeing about 100 junk emails every 24 hours, which adds up to quite a pile after a long weekend or a vacation, and a real nuisance on a daily basis). 

I also appreciate the copy of Office-Logic Groupware Version 8 you supplied - which has a number of nice improvements. 

Thanks again. 
Dan H, Lancaster PA




I would like to thank your Support staff for their help the last several days in solving a problem we had with our web hosting networks.

Your Support staff showed great professionalism and understanding when dealing with the personnel from our hosting company.

Your Support even gave us a temporary solution by allowing us to use your e-mail server for our outgoing e-mails.

It is a pleasure to see a software vender willing to give that extra effort in solving their customers problems, even if that problem is not with their own software.

We would strongly recommend LAN-ACES products and services to anyone in need of an internal/external e-mail system.

Again, we are grateful for the help your Support staff has given us.

Thank you,
Ron A, Los Angeles CA




Not only do we love your products, but I wish more of our vendors cared about their customers like you!!


Thanks for everything.

Jonathan B, Edinboro PA




I am very pleased with Office-Logic InterChange, both with the product and with the excellent service and support that you offer.  I will be happy to give a strong recommendation to others interested in using Office-Logic InterChange.

Paul B, Madisonville TN




I would like to compliment LAN-ACES for their great support.  It is so important for our business software to run smoothly.  Everyone always takes the time and are very efficient in getting problems fixed.  Your support is absolutely the best I have ever encountered.  Thanks a bunch.

Gordan A, Rayville  LA




We were a user of Office-Logic up until about 3 years ago when we were purchased by a larger company.  We then had to use Lotus Notes, which we did for the last 2-3 years.   We will be an independent company again, with the option to use any e-mail program we wish, and we wanted to use Office-Logic again.


Mike L, South Beloit  IL

[Edited slightly to protect the innocent]

Thanks a bunch for your support last week.  [Our provider] removed the extra MX record this morning so that extra undeliverable email should stop flowing in your direction soon.  I will tell my system to stop popping your system pretty soon.  You can close that account you made for us and any leftovers can be deleted (all I've seen is spam for the past few days).

[Personal stuff deleted] ...
Again, thanks a bunch, I know that the Exchange folks (Microsoft) would not have done what you did.

Rick V, El Paso  TX


[Edited slightly to protect the innocent]

I would like to take this time to THANK Office-Logic Technical Support for all the help they gave us in reinstalling  our Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange programs today.

They were very patient and understanding, and were of great assistance in getting us up and running.

We Thank You very much.

Richard A, Los Angeles CA



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