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June 8, 2012 - Filter out SPAM messages when the message contains a 1 pixel font size.

Product(s): Office-Logic Groupware, Office-Logic Groupware Client Server Edition,

Office-Logic InterChange


Many SPAM messages are using 1 pixel font size to try to get their messages through SPAM filters.  They could be using good words that cannot be seen as part of their SPAM message to fool the SPAM filters that their message is legitimate.  However, it is not likely that a legitimate message would ever use a 1 pixel font size in their message.


A good way to stop a lot of SPAM from reaching your users is to create a Content Filter in Office-Logic Groupware and\or Office-Logic InterChange to filter out any messages that contain a 1 pixel font size.


To create a Content Filter in Office-Logic Groupware - From within the Office-Logic Groupware e-mail module, select Options\Edit Content Filters from the Menu Bar.


To create a Content Filter in Office-Logic InterChange - From the Office-Logic InterChange Monitor utility, select the Configure\Content Filters menu option.



Once the Content Filters utility appears, click on the Add button to enter a new content filter.



In the Phrase field, enter font-size:1px

In the Comment field, type a comment that describes what this content filter is for.

Click on the OK button to save your content filter.



The new content filter will be displayed in the window.  Click the Close button to exit the Content Filters utility.


If you are not comfortable adding, editing or deleting Content Filters, then please contact your E-mail Administrator or one of our Support Technicians

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