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Conventional email is just like sending a postcard – anybody could potentially read it along its delivery path from the sender to intended recipient. Office-Logic now offers a robust secure email solution for sending sensitive or confidential information over the internet. Office-Logic Secure Mail makes it easy to send emails with confidence that they will reach their intended recipients without passing into the wrong hands. 
Office-Logic Secure Mail is tightly integrated with Office-Logic Groupware and Office-Logic InterChange and allows users to safely send and receive sensitive information to and from their customers.  Office-Logic Secure Mail is a complete secure email solution, that you have total control over.  Office-Logic Secure Mail is a simple and cost effective method by which you can safely send and receive documents, even very large files, over the Internet in a secure, managed and audited manner.  Unlike other secure email products that require you to send your sensitive information to their hosted servers, Office-Logic Secure Mail will retain any message, including attachments, that are flagged as secure and keeps them locally on your network until the intended recipient accesses that information over a safe and secured internet connection.  This ensures that only your users and the intended recipient will have access to that sensitive information. Recipients will receive a personalized, standard email containing a link, which is used to access their secured message held on your Office-Logic Secure Mail server over a secure (HTTPS) Internet connection.
Office-Logic Secure Mail is extremely configurable to ensure that your users do not send sensitive information over the internet in an unsecured fashion.  Users will be able to manually select to enable the Office-Logic Secure Mail option when composing a message, or there can be defined Rules that flag a message that should be sent securely. The administrator, or user, can define keywords or phases that when found in the subject or message body of the message will automatically flag the message as one that should be sent using Office-Logic Secure Mail.  You can also define specific recipients or file attachments that should always use Office-Logic Secure Mail.  The sender will then be prompted to either enter a password for this recipient, or send it without a password.  The Office-Logic Administrator can configure Office-Logic Secure Mail to even allow the recipient to enter their own password to access their secure message and attachments.  There is no need for expensive and clumsy Public Key\Private Key encryption that cause more confusion and maintenance for all involved.
If your company requires your users to send and receive very large emails and attachments, then you are aware that many email servers on the internet have very small size limitations that will not accept your messages.  Office-Logic Secure Mail supports messages up to 2GB, and will allow your users and customers to safely and easily transfer large files.
By default , the recipient will have 14 days to retrieve their message.  The Office-Logic sender can view Tracking information to see when the message was delivered, or when the recipient read or deleted the message.
You can run a free 30-day trial of Office-Logic Secure Mail to ensure that it is going to fit your needs.  We want you to see just how easy it can be to ensure that your sensitive information is handled securely. 


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